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MDR is providing simulation and application development tools, easy to use for beginners and professionals. We are based in Tokyo, Japan and have support team for asia country.

Quantum computing is expected the next technology instead of the existing semiconductor. Development of the quantum computing is already quite advanced and many hardware and software company is attended to the ecosystem. To prepare the ecosystem and equipments, need big budget and takes a lot of time. We prepare community and basic tools to support your business

Quantum computing eco system cannot be build by just one company. Worldwide partnership is needed for this next generation technology.

The most important thing is to respect the view of the local community.

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If you have interested in our quantum computing eco system please contact us.

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Benefit of partner


To start quantum computing business you need a lot of budget and equips. We provide community and tools for your business start smoothly.

Quantum Computer SDK

You can easily start programming of quantum computer with python SDK

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A lot of tutorials

From the beginner to the professionals we prepare a lot of tutorials.

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For the SDK we have a lot of document to support the study on quantum computer.

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Offline lecture

Everyweek we have lecture onsite. Lets join the study to learn about quantum computer

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Online community

24hours 365days you can get the latest information about quantum computer and ask questions

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Worldwide communication

Worldwide quantum community to support each other about area and technology

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About Us

MDR Inc. is Tokyo based quantum computing company.

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Hongo2-40-14, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan